What are we doing?  Diligently working to build relationships with women around the world, in an attempt to provide dignity and honor through employment, while showcasing the beauty of individual cultures through hand crafted goods.

Emily spent the majority of her childhood in Ghana, where she developed a passion for the beautiful fabrics and incredible artisans of Western Africa.  Kelsey had a passion for eccentric fashion and helping empower women.  Both girls had a heart for missions and for people. They met when paired together as Office Aides in the eighth grade, and were soon inseparable spending many Friday nights playing badminton, eating Razzles, and dreaming of how they were going to change the world. 


What started as a friendship, turned into a partnership in 2013 when the women decided to turn their passions into what has become By Grace.  Both Emily and Kelsey had a desire to expose American women to the hand crafted designs and artistic abilities of women from other locales.  There is unbelievable talent that simply hasn’t reached the Western marketplace due to lack of resources, technology, and knowledge. The combination of economic viability and cultural awareness spurred Emily and Kelsey to take the daunting steps of organizing a global network of suppliers, craftswomen and logistical experts to meet the niche demand of the business.  In January 2015, they officially launched their online store and were open for business.  With sales growth every month, By Grace has been able to employ more women, purchase more machines, and even start growing (look out Bangalore, India—we’re coming for you!)

By Grace Designs is worn by women who are brilliant, bold and beautiful. At By Grace, we believe that beauty exists from the inside out and we hope that our garments enhance and display the goodness that is in each one of our customers and partners.  

We believe that every purchase connects two worlds - the world of she who creates beauty and the world of she who wears it. Too frequently, we highlight the differences amongst us; at By Grace, we praise our commonalities. 


By Grace is worn by dreamers,

game-changers, doers.

She has fire in her soul, grace in her heart and she will change the world.


She’s the kind of woman that puts her money where her mouth is, is never afraid to overdress, and is comfortable constantly answering the question of, “Where did you get that?"

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