16 for 2016

It’s that special time of year where people promise themselves a better body, a better bank account, a better spirit, and a better tomorrow. We resolve to eat less fast food, juice more, take the stairs instead of the elevators, save money, go to church more often, read the Classics, volunteer regularly, and so on. These are all admirable goals (many of which we hope to maintain ourselves), however, as it is already January 5, we know that resolutions can be hard to maintain. So this year, we’re looking at big picture, lifestyle adjustments. We plan to work toward an overall shift of mindset and heart with 16 manageable goals.

1. We will love others fiercely, courageously, and selflessly. 

2. We will experience joy in all our circumstances.

3. We will be generous of our resources—time, money, and skills. 

4. We will prioritize wisdom over visceral responses, while setting aside time to study differently and learn constantly.

5. We will be people of initiative and diligence through an irrepressible work ethic, a continuous “can do” attitude, and intentional foresight.

6. We will maintain a creative mindset that allows us to use our resources and imaginations in the best manner possible.

7. We will be sincere in all our dealings, readily doing what is right with pure intentions and earnest honesty.

8. We will be zealous in our undertakings, maintaining enthusiasm and passion for our life’s callings and obligations.

9. We will be fearless in our pursuits, taking necessary, calculated risks to achieve success.

10. We will be decisive, which will allow us to be people of action rather than discussion.

11. We will offer encouragement to others, helping to guide them, praise them or lift them up in times of greatness and in times of struggle.

12. We will embrace a spirit of humility so as to eliminate arrogance, and remind ourselves that we are always teachable and constantly growing.

13. We will be people of integrity, because the consistency of our principles and actions will ultimately define us.

14. We will live our faith out loud knowing that God is bigger and mightier than we can ever imagine.

15. We will be attentive to others, acknowledging their value by truly listening to, engaging with, and respecting the people in our lives.

16. We will be optimistic—seeing the best in all people and opportunities put in our path.

2016 is the beginning of something amazing. While we’re drinking our kale smoothies following our overly crowded yoga class, we’ll also be working toward greatness in our minds and hearts. We cannot wait to see what this year brings. Happy New Year!

Until next time,

Kelsey and Emily