Michelle for President

One of my favorite television shows is Scandal. If you've never seen the ABC show, it follows the life of a strong, powerful woman played by Kerry Washington. In the show there are several other strong female characters, one of whom is the First Lady of the United States. While First Lady, she is elected to the Senate and then runs for President. I frequently wish TV were real life, and after Michelle Obama's DNC speech I definitely wish she were running for president. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, Michelle's speech is something you should watch. Her words need to be heard, they need to resonate with the population as a whole. 

Michelle is a strong woman who is building up another strong woman, Hillary Clinton. Leaving politics out of this blog and out of the discussion, we need more women stepping into leadership roles. We need women shattering glass ceilings. We need women supporting one another. Michelle says Hillary "never buckles under pressure," she "never takes the easy way out," and she "has never quit on anything in her life." Those are admirable qualities we should all strive for as people, and more specifically, as women. We need to be "steady, measured, and well-informed" in our decision making as mothers, as CEOs, as students, as doctors, as marketing associates. We need to stop caring so much when people criticize us for how we look, talk, or laugh. We need to realize that our callings and our purpose in life are "bigger than [our] own desires and disappointments." We need to embrace what Michelle said about Hillary as a battle cry for all women. Now is our time to fuel the world with goodness and hope. Yes, our world is broken and disheartened, but there has never been a better time for nurturing, intelligent, kind, strong, empowered women to step up as leaders. We are capable and we are needed. We are the difference makers. 

Oh, and we can be amazingly fun, incredible people as well. Now that you've seen Michelle at the DNC, watch her sing in a car with James Corden.

Education, empowerment, and karaoke? Yeah... I'm with Michelle Obama all the way.  

Until next time,