When You're Not Picture Perfect

I've spent my whole life trying to be perfect. Yes, I know perfection is impossible. Yes I know that striving for perfection will only leave me dissatisfied and overwhelmed. But alas, it is in my nature. We recently did a photo shoot for By Grace, and brought a guy on our team to help take Behind the Scenes photos. In a world where everything is picture perfect, we wanted to share with you some slightly less than perfect photos. See what we look like unedited, unscripted, and usually pretty unaware that our camera guy was lurking around.

We're not perfect. Most of the time we're not even cute. We make awkward faces, eat chicken nuggets, and adjust our clothes, but we work hard, laugh a ton, and ultimately got a few good shots. Check out our Instagram to see the photos that portray us in a more attractive light.

Until next time,