Living by grace


If you ask Webster, he'll tell you that grace means something like elegance, finesse and poise. 

Which is true, but it also has a much deeper meaning.

Grace is a gift. It means undeserved favor. It means that you walk in a blessing that you do not deserve and could not earn.

Living by grace means:

you understand the depths to which you are deeply loved. you live from a closeness with a heavenly father who never leaves you alone, never hurts you, never abandons you. human love is just a shadow of heavenly love. when you experience love from God, nothing else compares. you can't help but you love others in return. it just spills out. 


you understand that God has a calling on your life. as a result, you don't compare - you contend. you contend for other women to realize how incredible they are, and for them to step into the limelight of all that they were born to be. your work is fueled by passion and purpose.


you are a defender of justice. you fight for others. you have a compassionate heart, and your life is marked by mercy. you fight from a place of victory. God's power is "made perfect in weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:9). what others saw to be pitied - God says no, there's beauty there. there's strength there. 



Until next time,