Word To Your Mother

My mom is the greatest human on the planet. If you happen to think your mother is the greatest, I will not argue with you. I will simply rejoice that we are both lucky enough to believe our mothers are the best. Because that is one of the most amazing gifts in life. Yes many of our mothers gave us life in that whole gave-birth-to-us-biological-way, but daily, my mother gives me perspective and life through motivation, questions, answers, inspiration, and oftentimes, straight up hard truth. 

I'm not entirely sure if I want children, perhaps because I have this fear that I will never amount to the woman my mother is. She is strong yet humble; she is compassionate yet fierce; she is independent but loyal. She loves with every fiber of her being. She loves completely, unabashedly, and unashamedly. 

As we approach Mother's Day, I am again blown away by the fact that she is my mom and I was chosen to be her daughter. I may never be a mom, and I may never amount to the woman that she is, but here a few of her idioms in order to inspire us all to be better people this Mother's Day weekend:

1. Pretty is as pretty does. What you say and what you do is far more beautiful than a combination of features, genetics, and make-up could ever be.

2. Just be. The past can lead to regret, frustration, and pain. The future can lead to anxiety and apprehension. Existing in the present allows us to focus on our current blessings, our goals, and shift our mindset to that which we can still change.

3. Do as I say, not as I do. She knows she is human, and hopes to inspire us to be better than she is, better than we are. She frequently leads by example, but when we catch her with a Mountain Dew at 8 in the morning or hear that sneaky little four letter word escape her mouth she reminds us that she is not perfect.

4. Figure out what you really want, and do that. I am easily influenced by people, and sometimes I try so hard to please others that I forget to pursue what I really want. She always knows what I want to be and what I want to do before I know myself. Moms are good like that.

5. You are so loved. No matter what. No "ifs," "ands" or "buts." There is nothing I could ever do that would make her love me less.

Since I understand that other children feel just as blessed to call their mother's "mom," I asked a few friends the best advice they got from their mothers.

1. Always be the bigger person. Always.

2. You are stronger than you think. Unless you think you're stronger than me. Then you're wrong.

3. Don't cut your sister's hair.

4. If you want to know how a man will treat his wife, watch how he treats his mom.

5. She thought she could, so she did.

And for a bit of perspective, I reached out to a few of my favorite moms for their advice about motherhood:

"Moms often struggle feeling inadequate or like they're failing as a mom some days. But the reality is being a mother is the hardest job in the world. And if she's worried she's not good enough, it means she's actually a better mom already that she's even concerned that could even be a possibility."


"Take pictures of your kids sleeping. Look at them often and when you are frustrated or angry look at those photos, and use the soft feelings they give you to get through that challenging time. Also use those peaceful moments to remind you that you are doing some things well."


"Being a mom is amazing! One thing I have learned through the years from watching other amazing moms and being a mom to three kids is to find more opportunities to say, "Yes!" Meaning...let your kids pick their clothes, even though it's a tutu. Give your kids the ability to live and learn from life! Be their guide and support always!"


So this Mother's Day, learn from she that has tirelessly taught you. For you mothers out there-know you are not alone, and you are not perfect, but you are as close to perfect as it gets for the tiny (and not so tiny) humans that call you "mom." 

Happy Mother's Day!

Until next time,