Razzles, Rushmore and Radical Change

Recently I met with a potential donor whom I've known for a few months now. When we sat down the first thing he said was, "You're not going to make any money until people know who you are." Confused, I asked him to elaborate. He told me that in person I was full of passion and fire for By Grace, but on the website you couldn't see who Emily and I truly were. Were we trustworthy? Were we relentless in the pursuit of our dreams? Were we even real people?

Donors are super skeptical about where their money is going, and there has to be a trust that the funds given will be allocated as the foundation advertises they will be. So, if you want to see our financials-just ask! But that's too boring for a blog, and we do think it's important that you know a little bit about who we are. So to start, I'm going to let you in on a bit of who Emily and I are together. We've been the best of friends since eighth grade, when I had to pick someone to work Office Aide with me. (We were nerds and this was an actual honor to be selected for this elective class period.) We were obsessed with 13 Going on 30, which means we ate a lot of Razzles even though they are disgusting. When everyone else was going out on Friday nights in high school, we played badminton in my backyard. We have traveled the world with each other, starting with Mt. Rushmore in high school and most recently visiting the Taj Mahal. I've never fought with someone more or loved someone harder. 

We are pretty terrible at taking serious pictures because we both have the same "good side." (See below for some epic proof.) We wear the same size in all clothes and shoes, which was great when we lived close to one another, but now we just buy duplicates of whatever item we see the other wearing. We're both obsessed with New York City, hazelnut coffee (Emily has me completely addicted) and listening to strangers' stories. I know that none of this conveys our heart for women and that we are committed to radically changing the lives of our seamstresses, but maybe if you start to know us as the real people we are, you'll start to trust us as friends.

Until next time,


PS Please excuse the fuzzy photos below. We've been besties since the dark ages when you had to bring an actual camera with you to get a photo and we didn't post everything on IG.