Bought Beautifully


Exciting news! By Grace has partnered with the incredible Bought Beautifully team to bring our products, and more importantly the stories of the incredible women with whom we work, to a larger audience.

Bought Beautifully is a retail platform that operates both physical locations and an online shop. The team curates an impressive collection of high quality goods from around the world—home decor, jewelry, bags, scarves and more. Each product is produced ethically by a company with a mission rooted in love, dignity and possibility. They currently have 36 partners who are operating within 16 countries, and are committed to not only selling products, but to telling the stories of the companies and individuals with whom they invest. 

Similar to By Grace, BB is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in an effort to focus their business practices on honoring God and people rather than profit. Their mission is “to inspire interactions that enrich lives, restore hope and empower people while shining God’s love.”

If we spend our money in ways that align with our faith the impact would be immeasurable.
— Bought Beautifully

Bought Beautifully “partners with ministries, organizations, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals who are living out God’s call to LOVE,” and we are so honored to be included as one of those partners!

On their site, BB invites their customers to buy beautifully so as to:

  • Rescue & rehabilitate victims of human trafficking;
  • Show orphans and widows that they have value and possess gifts and talents by which they can flourish;
  • Create sustainable economic opportunity for artisan entrepreneurs in developing countries;
  • Powerfully steward the resources God has given you to bring Him glory through meeting the needs of others;
  • Play a critical role in breaking the cycle of generational poverty around the world.

In 2016 alone, Bought Beautifully provided 4,200 days of life-giving employment through the purchase and sale of products from their partner organizations. 

By teaming up with BB, our first goal is to grow the By Grace Rosebud workshop. BB’s founder and fearless leader, Emily, is based in Wyoming and shares our heart for those living on Native American Reservations. As we consistently sell through our hand made jewelry, we are able to offer stability and financial peace to the eight women we employ at By Grace Rosebud. By providing this through employment and dignifying work instead of donations or charity, we are empowering these women. We are providing them with the resources and opportunities to discover their own value.

Our products will be live soon, but don't let that stop you from checking out the beautiful products and good work of Bought Beautifully today!

Until next time,

Kelsey and Emily