“Small drops of water make a mighty ocean.”



The By Grace Foundation is a female founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit that sponsors the training and education of women in impoverished communities.

In Ghana, By Grace sponsors technical training, specifically sewing, for women without the means to afford it. Becoming a seamstress is a highly regarded profession, and By Grace sponsors training so that women are equipped to become entrepreneurs and stop the cycle of generational poverty in their families.

These are their stories. 



How old are you?



Have you been to school? 



Can you tell us about your family?

I come from a family of mainly farmers. There are 9 in all, and I have 3 children.


What are your children's names?

The first is called Timothy, followed by Joshua and Daniel. The traditional name of Daniel is ‘Chenttiwuni’, which literally means “leave all to God”.


Why do you want to be a seamstress?

So that I can make a living and help my children go to school when they grow up.


How do you know Madam Lamisi?

I got to know Madam Lamisi because her shop is right in front of my house


How did it feel when you found out that the training was paid for?

I was very happy to hear that!


What is your favorite proverb?

Small drops of water make a mighty ocean


Why do you like that proverb?

I love that proverb because sometimes people place limitations on other people, but I feel that no matter how small you start you can gradually get to where you want to.


What do you dream for your children?

I am always praying that God should give my children wisdom so that they will excel in school and go beyond where I am right now.


Is there a time in your life where you felt like you were victorious through a challenge?

When I was pregnant with my second child, Daniel, I was told by some men of God, some pastors, that I was facing a lot of threat from enemies around me. The enemies were causing me a lot of danger, and the pastors told me that I would either die of childbirth or the child would die. I kept going to prayer. Eventually, I gave birth to the child safely. I didn’t die, and the child didn’t die.


What is your favorite thing about being a Christian?

God always comes to the rescue when I am in trouble


What does the word love mean to you?

I think love has to do with the way you relate with your neighbors, because the Bible says that if you don’t love those neighbors that you can see, then you can not say you love God. So when you love those around you, then it means you love God.


If there is one thing you could say to God, what would it be?

I would say Thank you, God, for the love of my whole family and the fact that every time we pray to him, he will answer us.


What is your favorite Bible story?

I love the story of Daniel refusing to worship the image of King Darius


Why do you like that story so much?

I love the story because Daniel didn’t shake in his Faith. He stood right in God through all that trial. And in the trying times, God also came to his rescue. So that inspires me a lot.


What does the word Grace mean to you?

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. That is Grace to me.


If you could say one thing to the people that have sponsored your sewing, what would it be?

May God richly bless and increase them, and bless their children as well. 


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