“This can help me in the future.”


The By Grace Foundation is a female founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit that sponsors the training and education of women in impoverished communities.

In Ghana, By Grace sponsors technical training, specifically sewing, for women without the means to afford it. Becoming a seamstress is a highly regarded profession, and By Grace sponsors training so that women are equipped to become entrepreneurs and stop the cycle of generational poverty in their families.

These are their stories. 



How old are you?



Why do you want to learn to sew?

I am learning sewing because this can help me in the future


What do you mean by that?

Any time I am short of money in the future, I can always sew and get money from that.


What is your favorite proverb?

“if they are cooking something and you are waiting while they are cooking, they don’t need for you to ask, ‘what are you cooking?’, because eventually, when they are finished cooking you will know. In short, “No need to ask what they are cooking. When it’s done you’ll know.”


Why do you like that one?

There are times when you are doing something and people ask so many questions. You have to wait and find out.


What is one thing that you would say to the person who sponsored your sewing?

I am going to say Thank you to them and I am going to pray for them, that if they should be in need of something, somebody else will help them get it.

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