Women For Women Event


Images captured by Tara Shupe Photography

We collaborated with some local female-founded businesses and incredible volunteers so that the hard-working moms of Amethyst Place could have a special night of free shopping. Each mom received a shopping bag filled with brand new items donated from local companies, while enjoying treats and having fun with the photo booth.

Every volunteer brought their skills to help the women:

  • MADI Apparel donated women’s intimates (check them out here! They are 1-for-1 women’s intimates)

  • By Grace donated zip clutches

  • EMBR Wipes donated foot and body wipes

  • Heroine Flowers donated floral (including flower crowns for the women!)

  • Tara Shupe and Molly C Photo donated photography and portrait sessions (see the photo booth shots! We even had a maternity shoot - it was so beautiful!)

  • Volunteers wrote encouraging notes to place in Bibles for each shopping bag

  • Volunteers brought snacks, treats, lemonade and water for the women to enjoy a light refreshment

  • Volunteers stationed around the shopping area, helping women pick out items

  • KC Made donated the video skills to capture the event, which you can see below:

Amethyst Place offers recovery housing and rehabilitation services for mothers undergoing a housing crisis and chronic substance abuse. They provide counseling, housing and practical resources for struggling moms to overcome addiction and re-enter the workforce.

Hayley Santell, founder of MADI Apparel, and I became aware of the Amethyst Place mentorship program three years ago, and have been involved ever since. The mentorship program pairs volunteers with a mom in the Encompass program, and we meet twice a month to share a meal and talk about our lives. “Arms around you,” is the mission of the mentorship program.

Ruby Paine said that the two ways to end poverty are: 1) education and 2) knowing someone that is not in poverty. Solving poverty can be so daunting - where do we even start? It’s effects are everywhere - down the street and around the world. 

The encouraging truth about Paine’s research is that the act of sharing a meal with someone, and establishing a relationship with him/her, is one of the most powerful ways to break the cycle of poverty. 

I’ve mentored a total of three women at Amethyst Place, and each woman I have felt so lucky - we have always had such great conversation and a deeper connection. I remember looking around the room at the mentors and their mentees deep in conversation. Surely, I thought, the director of Amethyst Place, Julie, took careful consideration into who she matched with who. 

I’ll never forget when one meeting, Julie announced as an aside, after everyone was collecting and throwing away plates after dinner, “Most people think that I sift through and match everyone, because they can’t believe how well they get along. But the truth is - it’s completely random, and it just goes to show you how much you have in common with every person you meet, if you just take five minutes to sit down and talk.”

”See that no one misses the grace of God.” Hebrews 12:15

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