Real women, real impact


Celebrating women across the world and in our neighborhood

Thanks to everyone who contributed! We hosted an event with MADI Apparel and Tara Shupe Photography to celebrate women at a local women's shelter in Kansas City.  Women were able to shop for free, enjoy food and drinks, and have their picture taken in the photobooth.

Thank you for empowering women in the U.S. and abroad!



New partnerships

"If we spend our money in ways that align with our faith, our impact would be immeasurable." - Bought Beautifully

We are so excited to partner with a company that shares our mission to empower women across the world. 

Shop By Grace at Bought Beautifully!

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Revitalizing Her House

Think about your favorite spot in the house. Is it the corner next to the window? Or that chair by the fireplace? What if you didn't have a place to which you could retreat? Learn about how we're using the principles from The Broken Windows Theory to regenerate and invigorate the Rosebud Reservation on the blog here.

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Shop with us at Coco Brookside!


On Saturday, August 11, we'll host a pop-up shop at Coco Brookside.  If you're in the KC area, come see us between 11 a.m. -  5 p.m.!

Thank you to every By Grace donor and customer. Together, we're changing the world, one woman at a time.