Meet Our Intern: Arianna Taralson


Where did you grow up, and how do you think that shaped you? I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD. I think growing up in a big city that feels like a small town really taught me the value of people and finding community with one another. I grew up in a wonderful Jesus-loving home with family members I truly do not deserve. The family I have and the city I grew up in allowed me to find beauty in small places, seek joy in the difficult seasons, and find God in every single human I encounter.

One day, my dream is to author and a photographer. I would also love to do some sort of traveling, speaking to young girls, and sharing the love + goodness of Jesus I’ve been blessed to experience firsthand.

Tell me about what you feel God speaking over your 2019. Do you have a word for the year, or how do you feel God is encouraging you for this upcoming year? I most definitely have a word I feel God is speaking over me this year and it is STRENGTH. Ever since I began college, anxiety and depression have been something I have struggled with constantly. Both have affected my everyday life along with sending my health into a downwards spiral. I’ve always lacked the strength I needed and could never see the light at the end of the tunnel — I thought of giving up several times. But God !!! He has brought me through over and over, and here I am in my final semester of college. HE is my strength and the only One I am capable of doing anything through! I currently have a key necklace around my neck with the word STRENGTH to remind me of these very things. He is TOO good !!

I am passionate about...Jesus, writing, photography, people, sunsets, horses and hearing someone’s story. (Also passionate about sweet potato fries, elderly people, wildflowers and the sound of banjos!)

I’m interning with By Grace because...I absolutely love their mission in partnering with women from all over the world not only to create, but also getting to build relationships with those very women. What an honorable thing to be apart of in which I get to experience a front row seat to it all and even get the ability to serve alongside such a wonderful organization.

Tell me about a time where a friend did something or showed love to you in an impactful way. A time a friend has showed love towards me would definitely be the past three and a half years living with my college roommate. Her name is Emily and she has showed more grace, love and patience towards me in my anxious to the brim moments than I knew was possible. She always pointed me back to relying on God and I needed that more than I realized.

What does "women for women" mean to you? For me it means uniting together with women while approaching them (and life) with a love so radical, so deep, and so reflective of the great love God has for us. I think it means serving, laughing and crying with one another, side by side.